Sunday, February 28, 2016

Church! Mass at Our Lady Queen of Peace

Today we got the chance to attend mass at Our Lady Queen of Peace. Personally, I’ve never had the best experience with the Catholic Church. Usually within the hour that mass takes, you can find me daydreaming about anything other than God. My view of the Catholic Church probably wasn’t the best either. Not only did I find it boring but I always saw it as a very exclusive religion in which people could only participate if they fit the Catholic mold.
That’s why when I came to Our Lady Queen of Peace, I was very thoroughly surprised by the Church community. Everything about it was so much different from what I knew about the Catholic Church.  The church was full of diverse people on fire for God. I loved how everyone was so warm and inviting and when they worshipped, they were extremely enthusiastic.
The people there weren’t just from a White background but there were also Hispanics and Blacks there too. They were very inclusive of people with disabilities and people in the LGBT community. To see this kind of diverse community as part of the Church really showed me how God sees each and everyone of us as important to his beautiful Kingdom.

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