Tuesday, March 1, 2016

#Shoes shoes shoes: Public Shoe Store

Today in Arlington we helped a family who is closing their shoe store which has been a family business for generations. We spent about three hours packing up shoes into big boxes then loading (and unloading) the boxes at Faith Lutheran Church and then taking a portion to Our Lady Queen of Peace. It was awesome to see the family dynamic within the shoe store. This store was really like taking a step into the past there were shoe brands that, I'll admit, I had never heard of and shoes I had only ever seen in movies like "The Great Gatsby". There were rolling ladders going back and forth along the walls of wooden shelves. There were mustard yellow chairs in the center with matching ottomans that were used to measure shoe size and they slide under the chairs when they weren't being used to make room in the narrow walkways. It was rather chaotic in the small store, but we got a lot done. Numerous people from different organizations came throughout the early afternoon to pick up shoes being held for them. Half way through I got to ride to the church with a full van of shoes with a long time parishioner of Our Lady Queen of Peace, Ann. I learned all about her life traveling the world with her military husband and their nine children. She shared with me her journey through life and how she came to be in Arlington and at Our Lady Queen of Peace. It turns out that she grew up in the area, and decided to settle down back here. So far on this trip I have met such a variety of people that come from so many different walks of life and the feeling of community here at Our Lady Queen of Peace is incredible. It is truly amazing how that feeling of community brings people from all over together under one roof for the same purpose, to grow in and share our love for Jesus Christ

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